Industrial Buildings and Warehouses Wanted

Abacus Financial is actively seeking for immediate purchase, Industrial and Warehouse buildings for sale suffering from negative equity, lender demands, negative cash flow, loan acceleration and eminent foreclosure. We specialize in the acquisition of distressed industrial and warehouse properties requiring immediate financial reconstruction, capital enhancements, and capital improvements including financially challenged REIT  properties and portfolios, retail developer portfolios, as well as tenants in common (TIC) and private equity fund properties for sale.

For active and distressed retail sellers alike, (including 1031 exchange sellers), we offer what may be the best opportunity for emotional relief and financial salvation as we purchase each property and/or portfolio “as is” (“buy them as we find them”) for a sales price greater than the existing loan, regardless of current outstanding balance, or current market value.

Selling a single industrial or warehouse building or an entire industrial investment portfolio for a sales price greater than the existing mortgage debt, (regardless of the current market value of each multifamily property) allows each industrial and warehouse seller to preserve its coveted capital gains treatment, avoiding ordinary income tax treatment triggered by debt forgiveness. Phantom income issues can be mitigated with our typical acquisition structure.

The entire team at Abacus is dedicated to developing a unique and individualized sales strategy for each industrial investment seller and is committed to a swift resolution with positive results. We strive to eliminate seller anxiety, fear and doubt that plague many of today’s investment property sellers, portfolio managers, and tenant in common (TIC) investor owners.

The dedicated senior management team at Abacus truly understands all too well, the daily challenges facing each investor operator of a industrial centers including the mass exodus of quality tenants, chain store downsizing, tenant bankruptcies and liquidations, deep tenant concessions, premium leasing fees, and outsized tenant improvement demands of new and renewing tenants renewing at lower rates, the stress on this sector and its owners is shocking and pervasive, making this perhaps the most challenging financial environment for the industrial sector in memory.

The personal stress becomes unbearable with mounting lender demands and legal threats coupled with investor partner calls and legal threats creating their own special form of daily pressure. Compounding the fear and pressure is the potential loss of capital gains and taxable debt mortgage relief at ordinary income levels, and reporting all of this uncomfortable news to your investment partners.

There is one winning solution to this financial quagmire, sell the industrial property or investment portfolio to Abacus for a sum greater than the existing debt, regardless of the status of the mortgage or negative equity market value.  Such a unique and comprehensive sale transaction provides each seller with the opportunity to book a positive sale transaction, and report a capital gain on sale.

As with all major sophisticated investment transactions, industrial investment sellers should always seek and rely upon the advice of their own legal and accounting professionals prior to engaging in any purchase and sale transaction. Upon receiving competent independent professional advice, kindly contact an experienced member of our acquisitions department to discuss confidentially how we may help.  Each member of the acquisitions team is a seasoned specialist.

Make the call or write to one of our experienced and compassionate industrial acquisitions specialists to discuss confidentially your specific situation. We’re here to help.

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