Professional Relationships and Referrals

The founding members of Abacus Financial deeply respect their valued professional relationships earned with many loyal members of the legal, accounting and investment banking communities throughout the United States. It is as a result of each coveted relationship that many of our most challenging workout investment opportunities were discovered, executed upon, and resolved.

As a nationally recognized solutions based private investment workout firm, the principals of Abacus firmly subscribe to the ages old maxim “solve a difficult and challenging problem, and all who participate shall prosper”.

Abacus Financial fosters and promotes the concept of success by its firm conviction and a creative solution to what appears for most, an impossible financial and legal situation. Many challenged clients of professionals seeking advice are devastated, having been beaten down and crushed by actions of market forces beyond their control. A feeling of sadness and defeat overpowers them after repeated unsuccessful attempts of resolving the cause of the drama. Many clients seek legal and accounting resolution advice after all else has failed and remaining critical liquidly is insufficient to further carry forward the burdens of legal and tax resolution, settlement or bankruptcy.

These valued clients in essence are at the very end of their emotional, financial and spiritual resolve. If this sounds all too familiar, please contact the most senior members of our company to further discuss what we may do to help resolve what appears to be an impossible solution. The very senior members of our firm have seen and experienced many difficult and heart wrenching market down cycles before, and have helped to solve the plight of many clients and their families who thought that life as they knew it was over.

We strive to continually meet, grow and foster new professional relationship opportunities requiring immediate action. Please feel free to contact a founding company principal directly, to confidentially discuss your client’s dire situation. Our creative solutions driven founders and their respective analytical teams are anxious to hear from you. Please contact them directly or call 213-260-4811.