Abacus Financial LLC
, America’s dominant investment firm specializing in the acquisition of value added operating companies and commercial real estate, is actively seeking the immediate purchase of U.S.-based private companies operating in the capital intensive core industry sector. Target sectors include infrastructure construction and repair, energy, concrete pumping and delivery, specialized transportation, oil and gas production services, and building materials. Well established but financially challenged operating companies and commercial properties in all sectors suffering through negative equity, lender demands, negative cash flow, loan acceleration or eminent foreclosure are of particular interest.

Our nationally recognized specialty of acquiring all real property types and operating companies “with all monetary faults” makes Abacus Financial one of the nation’s few organizations of its kind. If you have a problem with your financing, we have a solution!

USETHISONHOMEPAGENationally, our unique specialty is further defined by our ability to execute quickly on each distressed situation including company equipment “right sizing”, capital lease refinancing, 1031 exchanges, discounted cash flow lender buyouts, lender settlements, loan modifications, and settlement and satisfaction by the purchase of existing debt. This decisive action is performed regardless of the degree of negative equity, loan maturities, or the amount of over encumbrance. Abacus Financial is committed to obtaining mutually positive outcomes distinguished by its decisive action, experience, knowledge, refinancing strategies and incomparable ingenuity and tenacity for each transaction.

Abacus Financial’s philosophy is grounded in the conviction that as markets change, so must the terms of the existing financing be modified to reflect sudden market changes. Financial re-engineering and legal settlement and satisfaction of basic core industry obligations and investment property mortgage debt are the cornerstones of this process.

If any of these facts or principles applies to your situation, please contact one of our acquisition specialists so we may help you immediately.